Instructions For Collection Of Second Voided Urin

You will be collecting a “spot urine” specimen specifically the second urine you void in the morning. Here are the specific instructions:

  1. The first urine you void in the morning (i.e. when you first get out of bed) should be discarded.
  2. Collect the sample the next time you urinate. You do not need to collect the entire specimen: 2-3 ounces(about 1/3 cup)is adequate. Store it in a clean dry bottle made of clear plastic or glass(a soft drink or snapple bottle is fine) until you bring it to the lab.
  3. Keep the specimen in the refrigerator if more than several hours will elapse prior to submitting it.
  4. If you take supplements such as Glucosamine chondroitin or “shark cartilage” please STOP taking these at least 3 DAYS before you collect your urine for this test.
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