Instructions for Nasal Surgery

Before Surgery:

  1. No Aspirin or Vitamin E two weeks before surgery. Do not eat or drink after midnight prior to surgery.
  2. No make-up and arrange for a ride home after surgery. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to drive back by yourself.

After Surgery:

  1. Bed rest with head elevated for two days following surgery. Sleep with head elevated on two pillows for five days following surgery. No heavy lifting or bending for two weeks.
  2. Cold compresses over eyes for the first 48 hours following surgery to reduce swelling. Take pain medicine and/or antibiotics as prescribed.
  3. Bathing may be resumed three days postoperatively but if there is splint or cast it must not get wet.
  4. The day after surgery a soft normal diet may be resumed.
  5. It is extremely important that the inside of your nose is moist and humidified after nasal surgery to prevent crusting and recurrent symptoms. If you have a humidifier it should be used. Saline nasal spray (Ocean/Ayr) should be used three times a day to continually keep the inside of your nose moist. After sinus surgery: a steam inhaler should be purchased at a local pharmacy and used three times daily. Alternatively the nose can be washed out with a water-pik set at the low setting with 8 oz. of water with one tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. Alternatively the nose can be irrigated out as directed on the accompanying sheet. It is normal for the mouth to be dry after surgery. You may rinse with mouthwash or salt water as needed.
  6. Replace the nasal dressing (over the lip) as necessary. Blood tinged drainage is to be expected the first 48 hours. Should there be a significant amount of bright red blood remain calm and call our office or the emergency room immediately. If the phone is answered by the answering service the doctor will be notified immediately. Should there be any problem or difficulty with contacting the doctor report to the emergency room. The emergency room physician will have to see you in this situation and contact the covering surgeon as necessary.
  7. Do not try breathing through your nose when it is packed as it may displace the packing into your throat.
  8. Sneeze and blow your nose gently.
  9. If packing remains in your nose after surgery make an appointment to see Dr. Gordon the following day in the office for packing removal. Take your pain medication after you arrive at the office to ease the discomfort of the packing removal. Otherwise make an appointment for 1-2 weeks following surgery.
  10. After packing removal the nostrils may be cleaned periodically with Q-tips soaked in hydrogen peroxide and then coated lightly with Vaseline or Antibiotic ointment.
  11. Do not tamper with the cast on your nose (if you have one). It will be removed 6-8 days after your surgery. The morning it is to be removed take a warm shower and get the cast wet. This will make removing the cast easier.
  12. Do not judge the result too soon. Swelling persists for six weeks and the healing process goes on for six months. Avoid contact sports for at least three months if your surgery was rhinoplasty or nasal fracture surgery.
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