Postoperative Care after Tonsillectomy and Adenoid

*No Aspirin or Ibuprofen for two weeks prior to surgery.

  1. Normal activity can be resumed after the first week depending on the patient’s comfort level. For the first week there should be no heavy lifting or exertion.
  2. The patient may have soft foods such as oatmeal soups pureed fruits and vegetables jello ices and ice cream in the first few days following surgery. Avoid hard foods that cause straining or pain.
  3. It is extremely important that the patient drinks sufficient water/liquids to avoid dehydration. The patient should drink at least four glasses of water each day. Sufficient pain medicine should be administered if pain is preventing the patient from taking in enough fluids. Your child may not want to eat any food – this is acceptable. However your child must drink to prevent dehydration that causes further pain and discomfort.
  4. It is necessary to keep the mouth and teeth clean after a tonsil operation. The teeth should be brushed gently two or three times a day. If you have a humidifier it should be used.
  5. Many patients complain of earache after a tonsil operation. This is normal and frequently the ear pain is worse than the throat pain. This is not an ear infection. This pain is coming from nerve endings in the throat. Usually the pain is most intense on the third to sixth postoperative day.
  6. Some fever is expected. If it is over 102 degrees F call my office. There may be a white covering/scab where the tonsils were. This is normal.
  7. It is expected that there will be some bloody secretion. Should there be a significant amount of bright red blood remain calm and call our office immediately. If the phone is answered by the answering service the doctor will be notified immediately. Should there be any problem or difficulty with contacting the doctor report to the emergency room. The emergency room physician will have to see you in this situation and contact the covering surgeon as necessary.
  8. Your child’s voice may sound higher for several weeks after surgery. This will return to normal.
  9. Call the office for an appointment two weeks following surgery. School may be resumed about one week after surgery or when feeling comfortable.
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