Post-Op Instructions Laryngoscopy

Laryngoscopy is a procedure involving examination of the structures from the tongue base to the voice box and vocal cords. It is also used for surgery on the vocal cords or removal of a foreign body or tumor. It is frequently preformed and considered to be one of the safest.

Among the few complications that may occur are injury to the teeth risks of general anesthesia bleeding after biopsy and failure of the vocal cords to heal after biopsy. If polyps nodules or small well-circumscribed cancers are present the laser may be used to remove these lesions. Voice changes and/or hoarseness are possible after such vocal cord surgery.

Post Operative Instruction:

  1. Throat discomfort may persist for several days. Tylenol or prescribed pain medication should relieve the pain; if it becomes worse please notify Dr. Gordon.
  2. Do not take aspirin Motrin Advil Aleve or any Ibuprofen containing products for 2 weeks after surgery.
  3. If any of the following occur you may contact Dr. Gordon through the office at (845) 294-0661.
    • Spitting up bright red blood
    • Fever higher than 101.5 F
    • Inability to eat or drink
    • Difficulty breathing shortness of breath abnormal wheezing high-pitched crowing-like sound when breathing or bluish discoloration of the lips.
  4. Absolute VOICE REST for 2 days after surgery and no excessive voice use (shouting or whispering) for 2 weeks after surgery when vocal cord polyps or lesions are removed.
  5. No smoking or alcohol.
  6. Maintain high humidity at home with a vaporizer or sauna.
  7. Follow up appointment should be about 2 weeks after surgery.
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