FAQ – Serial Endpoint Titration (S.E.T.)

What is S.E.T. allergy testing?

Serial Endpoint Titration is a method of testing the skin to determine the presence on allergic diseases.

How does S.E.T. allergy testing work?

Small amounts of diluted allergen extracts are injected into the skin. After waiting ten minutes the skin is examined for a reaction.  This procedure is repeated using two to three dilutions of the extracts getting subsequently stronger each time.  Once your skin reacts positively to a particular allergen(s) the test is complete.

How long does the allergy test take?

Your testing should take about one and one half to two hours to complete.  No eating drinking or smoking is allowed during your test.

What does S.E.T. allergy testing actually test for?

Advanced Allergy Testing at ENT Specialty Care

Do I have to stop any medications before I get an allergy test?

Because this test requires a reaction of the skin there are certain medications that must be discontinued prior to these tests.  These medications may interfere with the skin’s ability to react. 

If you have any more questions regarding S.E.T. Allergy testing please contact our office today at (845) 294-0661.

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