Advanced Allergy Testing

What Is Advanced Allergy Testing?

Advanced Allergy Testing also known as SET or Serial Endpoint Titration is currently the most advanced and precise way to test our patients for allergies and produce superior results to relieve you from both seasonal and year-round suffering and discomfort.

How Is SET Performed?

Advanced Allergy Testing

The first step in getting relief from your allergies is two rounds of simple in-office testing. Our doctors will advise you to refrain from taking certain medications for a minimum time period before the titration is to be done. During the allergy skin tests a series of small injections using very fine needles is made in rows on your arms. Each reaction is measured and recorded carefully to produce the serums that will be used for your future Serial Endpoint Therapy or allergy shots. This allergy treatment is found to alleviate the allergic symptoms by using dilute injections of allergens to build an immunity.

Side-Effects of Advanced Allergy Testing?

Once the injections are made during the allergy test you will see a physical reaction on your skin for the particular allergen called wheals. This commonly observed side effect is typically small raised red bumps that look similar to a mosquito bite and may sometimes be itchy. This can persist for up to a couple of days but is ultimately harmless. Severe reactions are very rarely observed.


After our providers have determined the allergens for which you will need to receive injections they will create a specific set of serums for your use only. You will receive injections on a weekly or biweekly basis that will safely begin your desensitization to that allergen. The serum or extract that is used is preservative-free and requires refrigeration. In addition to the Serial Endpoint Therapy it is best to maintain cleanliness at home and surrounding areas in order to avoid elements that trigger allergies.

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